Mongol Decision Making


Mark J. Wierman


Mongols make decisions based on N dimensions of compatability. The following image represent an N=2 dimensional situation.


For each possible winning coalition (greater than 50% of the seats in Parliament) six differnt optimal values are calculated.

  1. Minimal weighted Hamming Distance.
  2. Minimal weighted Euclidean Distance.
  3. Minimal weighted Cubic Distance.
  4. Minimal weighted Quartic Distance.
  5. Minimal weighted Quintic Distance.
  6. Minimal weighted Dissent.

Click on any coalition to see the optimal value (color coded). The checkboxes on the left allow for the selection of optimums to be displayed. It also allows the choice of which two of the N dimensions are displayed.

If you Click on Edit you go into edit mode.


The Edit Dialog allows for changing the Size of the Horde as well as the number of dimensions. Either of these changes will generate new random values.

Values in the Table are directly editable.

SAve and Open can save the data for future retrieval.


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Copyright 02010, Mark J. Wierman