Start Starts the controller
Start Pause the controller
Start Stop the controller


Start Clear the Display.
Start Random Truck position.


Start Save the Rulebase
Start Open a Rulebase file.


CoG True Center of Gravity.
Quick Fast Center of Gravity approximation.
Mam Mamdami method.


Start This help file.



Start Press any button for Change Rulebase Dialog
Start Click to display Fuzzy Sets and Rulebase.
Start Click to display Track.


Change Rule Base Dialog

Rule Dialog

The Set button changes the Rule Base.

DISTANCE and ANGLE imply TRUCK Action.

For any DISTANCE and any ANGLE you can change the TRUCK Action with the Set Button.

DISTANCE Description
LE Left
LC Left of Center
CE Center
RC Right of Center
RI Right


ANGLE Description
RB Right Big
RU Right Upper
RV Right of Vertical
VE Vertical
LV Left of Vertical
LU Left Upper
LB Left Big


TRUCK Description
NB Negative Big
NM Negative Medium
NS Negative Small
ZE Vertical
PS Positive Small
PM Positive Medium
PB Positive Big